One of the key elements of the National Languages Strategy is a commitment to introduce an entitlement to language learning for every pupil throughout Key Stage 2 by 2010. To support this aim the Department for Education and Skills has been working with key partners to produce a Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages.

This Framework has an important role to play as a comprehensive source of guidance and advice for those teachers and curriculum managers who will plan and deliver the entitlement – many of whom may have little or no experience of primary language teaching.

The content of this Framework is closely aligned with the principles and ambitions contained in the Primary Strategy: Excellence and Enjoyment. This promotes a holistic approach to the primary curriculum and encourages teachers to extend the methodology behind the numeracy and literacy strategies to the full range of primary subjects, exploiting links between curriculum areas wherever possible.

Part 3 of the Framework contains detailed guidance on whole-school planning, and provides planning tools and detailed explanations of how to embed language learning through cross-curricular links. This part can be accessed from the website below.

More information about the Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages