Starting with a rationale for the curriculum, this interim report segments the Secretary of State’s remit letter into the following five aspects, each of which will be subjected to further analysis and refinement for the final report: curriculum design and content; reading, writing, numeracy and ICT; personal development; transition and progression; and introducing languages at Key Stage 2.

Those who wish to respond to this report are invited to do so, by 28 February 2009, via the Review website (link below), by writing directly to: Independent Review of the Primary Curriculum, 2nd Floor Sanctuary Buildings, Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BT or by emailing:


  • Executive summary
  • Provisional recommendations
  • Introduction
  • The Children’s Plan
  • Aspect 1 Curriculum design and content
  • Aspect 2 Literacy, numeracy and ICT
  • Aspect 3 Personal development
  • Aspect 4 Arrangements for transitions from the EYFS and through Key Stages 1 to 3
  • Aspect 5: Languages
  • Next steps