This is the final report of the Independent Review of the Primary Curriculum which the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families invited Sir Jim Rose to undertake in January 2008.

It follows the interim report that was published in December of that year, which drew a wide range of responses and, together with further information gathered from school visits, consultation conferences, evidence of international best practice and meetings with expert groups, have been used extensively in forming the final recommendations of this review.

The review is about the curriculum rather than the whole of primary education. However, there are points where important aspects, such as pedagogy and assessment intersect with the curriculum. This was well understood by the many respondents whose insightful contributions to the calls for evidence and to the interim report have been invaluable in helping to frame the recommendations.

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  • Executive summary and recommendations
  • The case for a National Curriculum
  • Curriculum design and content
  • Essentials for Learning and Life
  • Transition and progression from the EYFS and through Key Stages 1 to 3
  • Introducing languages at Key Stage 2
  • International comparisons – primary education at home and abroad
  • Views of parents
  • Next steps