This White Paper sets out proposals for reform of the 14-19 phase. It aims to secure the basics in English and maths as well as introduce new specialised Diplomas, recognising achievement in functional English and maths, appropriate academic and vocational material and cover the occupational sectors of the economy.

Within qualifications, the paper aims to introduce a general (GCSE) Diploma, which will recognise the achievement of 5 A*-C grade GCSEs or equivalent, including English and maths. Also to challenge the most able by introducing optional harder questions into separate sections at the end of A level papers and encouraging acceleration where appropriate.

Finally it sets out to provide more opportunities to re-engage the disengaged or disaffected through tailored programmes, significant work-based learning and a new pilot programme based on the post-16 Entry to Employment programme.

More resources relating to 14-19 education including the Working Group on 14-19 Reform final report, is available at

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  • Foreword
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • The challenges we must overcome
  • Vision
  • A strong foundation at Key Stage 3
  • A strong core 14-19
  • Routes to success for all
  • A new system of Diplomas
  • Strengthening GCSEs and A levels
  • Engaging all young people
  • Rigorous assessment in which all can have confidence
  • A system configured around young people
  • A sharp accountability framework, which makes sure that we offer the best to young people
  • Delivering the new 14-19 phase