This report provides an account of Action Research Projects carried out by teacher researchers in 14 Local Authorities. The project was funded by the DfES during the period 2003-2005. Dissemination of effective practices ran alongside the research work.

The research projects demonstrate innovative and creative practice that will be useful to other schools in putting in place effective provision. The findings from the individual projects are discussed in relation to the National Quality Standards for Gifted and Talented Education (a self-assessment tool being trialled by DfES) and offer a useful analysis of the issues or considerations that might need to be navigated by schools acting to put in place effective provision for gifted and talented pupils at Key Stage 1.


  • Background and rationale
  • Nurturing young talent - making a start
  • How teachers carried out action research
  • Case study summaries
  • Impact of the projects on our understanding of gifted and talented education at KS1
  • Professional development
  • Future research directions
  • References
  • Appendix