The behaviour in school of the large majority of children is good, as it always has been. Where instances of bad behaviour occur intervention must be swift, intelligent and effective. This intervention must protect the interests of the majority while aiming to change the behaviour of those causing the difficulties.

This report presents the overall conclusions of Sir Alan Steer’s review of pupil behaviour issues, announced in the Children’s Plan. It builds on findings from the four interim reports between March 2008 and February 2009.

The report makes a total of 47 recommendations, grouped under three overall themes: legal powers and duties, supporting the development of good behaviour and Raising Standards Higher.


  • Introduction
  • Perception and reality
  • The Behaviour Review: progress so far
  • Schools have the power to discipline
  • We know what works in improving behaviour
  • Supporting the development of good behaviour
  • Raising standards higher
  • Appendices