This document outlines a number of key proposals and opportunities for young people. Those relating to information, advice and guidance will be of most interest to schools.

These proposals will help schools to deliver the 14-19 curriculum set out in the recent White Paper, as well as giving them a clearer voice in the services that are delivered to their pupils. They will also provide clearer routes to help outside the school for pupils with additional needs.

Note that there is also a summary version of the document, as well as a version aimed specifically at young people. Please encourage the young people at your school to have their say.

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  • Setting the context and the approach to reform
  • Details about the provision of things to do and places to go
  • The role of young people as citizens
  • Proposals on the supply of Information, Advice and Guidance
  • The provision of targeted support
  • Next steps and delivery
  • Details about the consultation arrangements