The Lamb Inquiry was established as part of the Government’s response to the House of Commons Education and Skills Committee Report Special Educational Needs: Assessment and Funding. The Inquiry, under the chairmanship of Brian Lamb, the Chair of the Special Educational Consortium, was tasked with investigating a range of ways in which parental confidence in the SEN assessment process might be improved.

The Inquiry took an extensive look across the special educational needs system and the impact on parental confidence. It gathered a wide range of views from parents, children, teachers and other professionals involved in delivering and managing services. The Inquiry found the SEN framework largely to be sound, but that parental experience of its operation varied – some parents were very positive, while others had experienced great difficulties.

This Implementation Plan sets out the Government’s response to the 51 recommendations made by the Inquiry, building on the work the Government has announced in the Children’s Plan to improve outcomes for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

The Plan focuses on improving skills and practice within the workforce and specifically on children’s outcomes; strengthening engagement with parents; and ensuring a strategic local approach.


  • A clear focus on outcomes
  • Strengthening the voice of parents
  • Local systems in tune with children’s needs
  • Building accountability around children’s progress
  • A responsive national framework