Part 2 Report

The Part 2 Report is focussed on creating a more skilled and effective workforce fit to face the challenges of the next 30 years. It builds on the principles and short-term improvements recommended in Part 1.

It makes recommendations that, if implemented, will:


Factsheets have been created to provide a summary of the principal recommendations of the Part 2 Report. They have been tailored for officers in the Federated, superintending, and chief officer ranks, and for police staff.

Online calculators

Online calculators are available to help you understand how your pay could be affected by the Part 2 recommendations, if implemented.

Part 2 consultation

The Part 2 consultation gathered evidence to inform the report, and used many of the many of the successful methods used to inform the part one report, including:

Part 1 report

Read the Part 1 report and related information.