Catalyst funding for new Veterinary Clinical Skills Centre at Surrey

28 February 2013

HEFCE has allocated £4.9 million for a Veterinary Clinical Skills Centre as part of the University of Surrey’s School of Veterinary Medicine. The centre is being developed in collaboration with regional and international veterinary research institutes, local veterinary surgeries and global partners. The new school, which will open in 2014, aims to train the multi-disciplinary veterinary leaders of the future.

The funding comes from the HEFCE Catalyst Fund which aims to deliver our strategic aims for higher education across research, teaching and knowledge exchange, in the new fees and funding system. (Note 1)

The Veterinary Clinical Skills Centre will combine live and simulation veterinary clinical skills training in a single facility. It will also: 

  • provide a modern, campus-based training resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students 
  • stimulate the development of new multi-disciplinary research projects with world-leading surgeons and industry, driving economic growth in the region and the development of innovative solutions for veterinary medicine
  • offer lifelong learning opportunities for practising veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, para-professionals and clinical scientists. 

David Sweeney, HEFCE Director for Research, Innovation and Skills, said:

‘The Veterinary Clinical Skills Centre is an exciting and impressive initiative which will have significant long-term wider benefits beyond the University of Surrey, and beyond veterinary medicine. This is the second project we have funded from the Catalyst Fund. We look forward to supporting more innovative and dynamic projects and related activity in higher education during 2013.’

Professor Lisa Roberts, Dean of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, comments:

‘We are delighted to have received this funding from HEFCE’s catalyst fund scheme. Surrey’s new Veterinary Clinical Skills Centre will provide the next generation of veterinarians with an outstanding facility. Training in this environment will increase our students’ confidence and competence and will provide them with the best possible preparation for real-life clinical practice.’

The centre will be developed in partnership with local clinical veterinary partners and will facilitate the clustering of innovative veterinary and health initiatives around the campus and Surrey Research Park, supporting research, knowledge exchange and providing continuing professional development. This will unlock the full potential of the School of Veterinary Medicine to deliver wider public benefit through private-sector investment, continued economic development and the generation of jobs.

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