Water interim strategic assessment

Water interim strategic assessment

10 Oct 2011

The Technology Strategy Board has concluded in a report published today that the greatest innovation opportunities for UK water businesses lie overseas.

Two years of research went into our interim strategic assessment – Water: innovation opportunities for the UK – which identifies four major water-related challenges in the global market – flooding, scarcity, quality and the carbon impact of providing water supplies.

The global water market is expected to grow from US$480bn to US$770bn annually by 2016. In Africa alone, some US$180bn will be needed each year until 2025 to provide minimum levels of water and sanitation.

While the domestic market is valued at £12-14bn, it is a vibrant sector and includes many world-class consultants, contractors and manufacturers with the capacity to grow further. They also have the capability to tackle these global challenges by developing and exploiting the necessary technologies.

Another good reason for UK businesses to compete in global water markets is that, while water-related issues are less severe here than in other parts of the world, climate change is likely to make our situation more difficult in the future. Our report suggests the UK can develop solutions to these problems now by working overseas.

For that reason, we are not starting an innovation platform in water but will continue to work with the sector to explore how technology development can increase opportunities and also with our partners on options to invest in relevant feasibility studies. We will ensure that the crop nutrition strand of our Sustainable Agriculture and Food Innovation Platform addresses nutrient run-off.

Read the full report here

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