National Clinical Director for Liver Disease

Professor Martin Lombard was appointed as first National Clinical Director for Liver Disease on 18 January 2010.Martin Lombard

Professor Lombard will remain active in clinical medicine and will continue to work part-time at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital NHS Trust.

  • provides: Up to date hands on clinical expertise and wide experience in the field to formulate policy on liver disease prevention and treatment
  • ensures: prevention of liver disease4 is a high priority and the public are aware of the causes and actions to take
  • contributes: to training and the work of professional bodies
  • is responsible for: the implementation of the national liver disease strategy

About Professor Martin Lombard: Professor Lombard has been a consultant for 20 years and for the past eight years he has been Clinical Director for gastroenterology at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital NHS Trust, where he has been at the forefront of reform in treating liver disease. He is also active on regional and national professional bodies for services and training.

The incidence and burden of liver disease is increasing and it has become one of the major causes of death in the UK. Liver disease is largely preventable. Martin and the DH policy team have set up various working and reference groups to assist in developing a National Liver Disease Strategy to improve prevention and treatment along the care pathway.

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