National Clinical Director for Endoscopy

Roland Valori is National Clinical Director for Endoscopy

Roland Valori

  • provides: structure and direction to screening services
  • ensures: service users views are heard and acted upon
  • contributes: to the reduction in patient waiting times for screening services
  • is responsible for: the continual improvement of services

About Dr Valori: Dr Valori has been the National Clinical lead for endoscopy services in England since 2003. He has been responsible for improving the experience of patients having an endoscopy and, in particular, the time they wait for the procedure. All endoscopy units are now required to complete a patient centred self assessment tool every 6 months. Five national censuses show substantial improvements over the last few years . He has also been responsible for developing the quality framework for the national Bowel Cancer Screening Programme. Gloucestershire began screening for bowel cancer in January 2007.

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