National Clinical Director for Mental Health

Dr Hugh Griffiths is the Department’s National Clinical Director for Mental Health. His role includes:Hugh Griffiths

  • providing clinical leadership and expertise
  • ensuring mental health service interests are protected
  • providing hands on experience of providing treatment and care in mental health services
  • responsibility for leading the Government’s Mental Health Stategy

About Hugh Griffiths

Dr Hugh Griffiths has been a consultant psychiatrist in the North-East of England since 1988 and for 8 years  – until December 2002 – was an NHS Trust Medical Director.

In 2000 he also became Medical Director of the Northern Centre for Mental Health where he undertook a variety of work including the development of changing roles for consultants, support for medical managers and clinical leadership of the Mental Health Collaborative.

He was Director of Policy and Knowledge Management for the NHS Clinical Governance Support Team from 2003 until April 2004 and from then until April 2010 was Deputy National Clinical Director for Mental Health (England).

Since then he has been the National Clinical Director for Mental Health (England). He continues in part-time clinical practice.

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