The Advisory Committee on the Safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs (SaBTO)

Terms of reference

SaBTO’s role is to advise UK Ministers and Health Departments on the most appropriate ways to ensure the safety of blood, cells, tissues and organs for transfusion/transplantation.

Download SaBTO’s full terms of reference (PDF, 14K)


SaBTO holds up to four meetings per year, plus an open meeting on a subject of general interest.

Read recent minutes of SaBTO meetings (since May 2011).

Read minutes of SaBTO meetings published before October 2011.

News and publications

SaBTO publishes advice and guidance, reports and statements. Read news and publications from SaBTO.


The members of SaBTO are:

  • Professor John Forsythe (Chair)
  • Professor John Cairns (Health economist)
  • Professor John Dark (Solid organ transplant surgeon)
  • Dr Paul De Sousa (Regenerative medicine specialist)
  • Dr George Galea (Blood/transplant service manager)
  • Professor Kate Gould (Microbiologist/bacteriologist/virologist)
  • Mrs Gill Hollis (Patient representative)
  • Mrs Catherine Howell (Nurse)
  • Professor Richard Knight (Prion disease specialist)
  • Dr Harpreet Kohli (Epidemiologist/public health specialist)
  • Dr Eithne MacMahon (Microbiologist/bacteriologist/virologist)
  • Professor Joanne Martin (NHS management specialist)
  • Professor Alison Murdoch (IVF/fertility/stem cell specialist)
  • Dr Mallika Sekhar (Haematologist)
  • Professor Tom Solomon (Microbiologist/bacteriologist/virologist)
  • Professor Richard Tedder (Microbiologist/bacteriologist/virologist)
  • Professor Marc Turner (Haematologist)
  • Professor Anthony Warrens (Immunologist)
  • Dr Lorna Williamson (Blood Service Medical Director)

Download: Biographies of SaBTO members – updated 29 November 2012 (PDF, 327K)

Download: Register of members’ interests – 2012 (PDF, 53K)


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