National Expert Panel on New and Emerging Infections

The Chief Medical Officer’s Infectious Disease Strategy – “Getting Ahead of the Curve” proposed the establishment of a National Expert Panel to assess the threat from new and emerging infectious diseases. It was envisaged that this would be an over-arching horizon scanning panel, reporting to the Chief Medical Officer and advising the Department of Health.

Terms of reference

To identify key areas for action and to advise on priorities by:

  • identifying emerging and potential infectious threats to public health both nationally and internationally;
  • placing emerging infections in the wider clinical and public health contexts;
  • advising on prevention and control measures;
  • prioritising areas for surveillance and for information needs;
  • advising on research, including technological development needs.


NEPNEI minutes published for the 13th and later meetings

NEPNEI minutes published for the 12th and earlier meetings


The membership includes the chairs of relevant infection-related, independent expert advisory committees, plus other relevant experts, including representation from WHO. Representatives of the Department of Health, the HPA and a number of other government departments attend as non-members.

Professor Andrew Hall, Chair (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation)
Professor Janet Bainbridge (Scientific Advisory Committee on Genetic Modification (contained use))
Dr Mike Sharland (Advisory Committee on Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare-Associated Infections)
Professor Brian Gazzard (Expert Advisory Group on Aids)
Professor George Griffin (Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens)
Professor Sarah O’Brien (Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food)
Professor William Irving (Advisory Group on Hepatitis)
Mr John Forsythe (Advisory Committee on the Safety of Blood, Tissue and Organs)
Professor Joe Brownlie (Veterinarian)
Professor Chris Butler (General Practitioner)
Professor Jon Friedland (Infectious Diseases physician)
Dr John Watson (Public Health physician)
Professor David Brown (emerging infections and zoonoses)
Dr Cathy Roth (WHO)
Dr Patricia Hewitt (NHSBT)
Ms Julie Hitchcock (Defra)
Dr Ailsa Wight (DH)
Dr Martin Donaghy (Scotland)
Dr Elizabeth Mitchell (Northern Ireland)
Dr Dilys Morgan (HPA)
Ms Amanda Walsh (HPA)


NEPNEI Secretariat
Gastrointestinal Emerging and Zoonotic Infections Department
Health Protection Agency
61 Colindale Avenue
London NW9 5EQ

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