The Departmental Board

The Departmental Board manages Department of Health business and priorities. It is responsible for:

  • advice to ministers on developing the strategy and objectives for the health and social care system
  • setting Department of Health standards
  • establishing the framework of governance, assurance and management of risk
  • overseeing the Department’s performance and assuring the performance of the Department’s sponsored organisations

The Departmental Board is also specifically responsible for approving:

  • the Departmental Business Plan
  • the Resource Accounts
  • the Departmental Report
  • major expenditure commitments as defined in the scheme of delegations

The Departmental Board brings together our ministerial team, our civil service leaders and a network of non-executives, recruited from outside Government. It supports the Permanent Secretary in the discharge of her responsibilities as the Principal Accounting Officer for the Department within the framework set by the Secretary of State.

The Board comprises the Secretary of State, who chairs the Board, and the four ministers, the Permanent Secretary and the Department’s four head policy advisers together with five non-executive members who provide external input and challenge.

Departmental Board members

This year is a year of transition, and our governance arrangements may need to be revised to reflect changes as they occur. At the present time, the Departmental Board is supported by an Executive Board and a range of other boards and committees.

Frequency of meetings

The Departmental Board aims to meet in formal session four times a year for a period of three hours.  It may choose to have one or two longer strategy sessions.

Summaries of meetings

Summaries of meetings are usually made available within three months of each meeting. These documents summarise proceedings from the scheduled meetings of the Departmental Board.

Annual reports

View the latest annual reports for the Departmental Board.

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