The King’s Fund’s Anna Dixon to join Department of Health

Dr Anna Dixon, currently Director of Policy at The King’s Fund, will join the Department of Health in early May to take up the position of Director of Quality and Strategy and Chief Analyst.

Anna has been with The King’s Fund for more than six years and has previously worked for the Department of Health within the Strategy Unit.

Una O’Brien, Permanent Secretary at the Department of Health said:

“I am delighted that Anna is returning to the Department as our new Director of Strategy. At a time of great change for the Department, Anna brings expert insight in to a wide range of health and care policy. I look forward to working closely with her.”

Dr Anna Dixon said:

“I am delighted to be taking up this new role at the Department of Health at such a critical point when many organisations are taking on new responsibilities in the NHS and public health system.

“I look forward to working closely with colleagues in the Department as well as partners across the health and social care system to address the key strategic issues facing us, not least among which is the challenge of securing high quality care for patients and users.”

Anna has conducted research and published widely on healthcare funding and policy. She has given lectures on a range of topics including UK health system reform and patient choice. She was previously a lecturer in European Health Policy at the London School of Economics and was awarded the Commonwealth Fund Harkness Fellowship in Health Care Policy in 2005–6.

Anna has also worked in the Strategy Unit at the Department of Health, where she focused on a range of issues including choice, global health and public health, and is a visiting Fellow at LSE Health.

Notes to editors

For further information please contact the Department of Health press office on 020 7210 5896.

Dr Anna Dixon will report to Richard Douglas, Director General of Strategy Finance and NHS.

The appointment procedure followed was in line with the Civil Service Commission’s’ Recruitment Principles.  The selection panel was chaired by a Civil Service Commissioner.

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