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Progress Report – December 2011

On 8 December 2011 the Independent Panel on Forestry published its progress report.

The Panel’s chair, The Right Reverend James Jones Bishop of Liverpool, said: “Although our Panel was born out of fierce debate over the future of the public forest estate, what has become apparent through our work so far is that we must look at the future of all woods and forests, not just the one fifth managed by the Forestry Commission.”

The report says the Panel are working towards recommendations that will increase the benefits generated from all forests in England – to the people that enjoy them, to nature and to the businesses that rely on them. Of the woods which are not in the public estate, 80%, only about half of them are managed.  The Panel wants to see more woods created and more woods managed.

The report also makes clear that the Panel believe there is a role for a national public forest estate. It also says how this tremendous asset is managed and used should evolve to reflect people’s aspirations and wider challenges like climate change.


Page published: 4 July 2012