PbR Programme Board

Terms of reference

  1. to act as a mechanism to ensure new thinking is brought into business as usual processes and to ensure that areas where things can be done earlier, with regard to the transition, are identified
  2. to ensure that an implementation plan is developed to maximise the effective engagement of Monitor and NHSCB in the development of tariff including the development of a transition plan.*
  3. to monitor and seek assurance on the planning, organisation and delivery of the DH PbR team’s work programme.
  4. to ensure progress against project plans and timetables, including transfer of responsibilities, and to seek assurance that any slippages and/or problems are being actively managed.
  5. to ensure that internal and external dependencies are being effectively managed. To ensure that risks and issues are being appropriately identified and managed
  6. to ensure business continuity and alignment during the transitional period
  7. to ensure that any concerns raised are addressed throughout the transition process.

* joint ToR for Transition Steering Group and PbR Programme Board


  • Bob Alexander (Chair) – NHS South of England
  • Jeremy Thorp – NHS Connecting for Health
  • Nicholas Oughtibridge – NHS Connecting for Health
  • Trevor Doherty – NHS Information Centre
  • Jason Mann – Monitor
  • George Batchelor – Monitor
  • John Holden – NHS Commissioning Board special health authority
  • Sarah Butler – DH PbR team
  • Martin Campbell – DH PbR team

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