National Quality Board

The National Quality Board (NQB) is a multi-stakeholder board established to champion quality and ensure alignment for improving quality throughout the NHS and at the interface of health and social care.

The aim

The aim of the NQB is to bring together those with an interest in improving the quality of health and care services, to provide leadership and align and agree shared goals, whilst respecting members’ independence.

The role

The NQB oversees and regularly contributes to four core aspects of quality policy:

  • ensuring the overall alignment of the systems for managing and improving quality
  • delivering on specific technical responsibilities, including overseeing work to improve quality indicators, advising the Secretary of State on the priorities for clinical standards set by NICE
  • assuming a wider leadership responsibility for driving the quality agenda and acting as a powerhouse for change
  • contributing to NICE quality standards, quality accounts, patient experience, accreditation and clinical audit policy areas

Meeting papers and minutes

Read the NQB minutes and papers

Advice and Recommendations

Current National Quality Board advice and recommendations

The board have published a number of reports, including the NQB Review of early warning systems in the NHS, Annual report 2009/10, Quality governance – a guide for provider boards, Maintaining and improving quality during the transition – safety, effectiveness and patient experience.  A follow-up report of maintaining and improving quality during transition and beyond will be published in late Spring 2012. This report will describe the quality model in the new system architecture and provide clarity as to how the new structures and processes will work to identify and prevent serious failures and ensure quality improvements. The board will also publishing a series of ‘How to’ guides to providers in ensuring that quality is maintained during the transition, the first is located here: How to guide – handover

Archive of National Quality Board advice and recommendations

The members

The NQB’s membership comprises a mix of skills and expertise. Membership includes representation from some of the national statutory and professional bodies that make up the national quality landscape for health and social care.

Chair of the National Quality Board

Sir David Nicholson, Chief Executive of the NHS Commissioning Board Authority

Ex-officio members

  • NHS Medical Director, Department of Health (DH)
  • Chief Nursing Officer (DH)
  • Chief Medical Officer (DH)
  • Director General, Social Care, Local Government and Care Partnerships (DH)
  • Ian Cumming, Managing Director for Quality during Transition (DH)
  • Jackie Smith, Chief Executive, Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • Niall Dickson, Chief Executive, General Medical Council
  • David Flory, Chief Executive, National Trust Development Agency
  • Jo Williams, Care Quality Commission
  • David Bennett, Monitor
  • Sir Michael Rawlins, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
  • Sir Liam Donaldson, National Patient Safety Agency

 The expert members are:

  • Professor Ian Gilmore
  • Professor David Haslam
  • Sir John Oldham
  • Professor Hilary Chapman
  • Stephen Thornton

 The lay members are:

  • Lord Victor Adebowale
  • Sally Brearley
  • Don Brereton
  • Margaret Goose
  • Tim Kelsey

Expert and lay members profiles (PDF 172Kb)

Contact us

National Quality Board secretariat
Department of Health, Skipton House, Area 6A, 80 London Road, London, SE1 6LH

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