Clinical Neurosciences Advisor

Dr Chris Clough

provides: leadership and direction

ensures: improvements in treatment of neurological conditions is ongoing

contributes: wide ranging hands on experience and an international reputation

is responsible for: helping improve the lives of people with long term neurological conditions.

About Dr Chris Clough: He trained as a neurologist at Hull, Birmingham and Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. His first consultant appointment was in 1989 to the Brook and Bromley Hospitals in South London, becoming Director of Regional Neurosciences in 1991. He led the amalgamation of three services to form the Regional Neurosciences Centre, based at King’s College Hospital, becoming the first regional Director of Neurosciences in August 1995.  In 1998 he became Medical Director at King’s College Hospital where he was joint lead for clinical governance and research and development director.

As Chief Medical Advisor to the South East London SHA (2003-2005) he led the successful implementation of the European Working Time Directive and new consultant contract and chaired the London Region Medical Directors Committee.

From 2005-2008 Chris was Medical Director for the Joint Committee on Higher Medical Training, Federation of Royal Colleges, responsible for UK training in 30 medical specialties.

Chris was on the advisory group for the National Service Framework for neurological conditions, following which he helped take it forward through developing neurological work-streams for the 18 weeks referral to treatment, end of life and transitional care.  He jointly chairs, with Steve Ford, the National Leadership Group – Improving the lives of people with long term neurological conditions.

Chris was clinical advisor to the NHS Institute, responsible for producing the postgraduate curriculum for leadership.  He is Chair of the National Clinical Advisory Team and neurosciences adviser to DH, sitting on the NHS Clinical Board and National Clinical Directors group.  Chris continues to work as a consultant neurologist at King’s College Hospital, London.

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