Challenging more businesses to commit to healthy eating pledges in 2013

Food network chair Dr Susan Jebb is challenging businesses to consider the impact that the healthier eating agenda is having and to make a new year’s resolution to commit to the Responsibility Deal.

There has already been some progress with the food and drink industry signing up to the recent pledge on increasing fruit and vegetable consumption and there have been further signatories to the calorie reduction pledge.

However, more companies are being urged to sign up to the existing food pledges this year as part of tackling health issues such as obesity – two thirds of adults in England are overweight or obese.

The recent Change4Life ‘Be Food Smart’ campaign, which exposed hidden ‘food nasties’, also highlights that companies need to acknowledge this as an important opportunity to adapt to changing food preferences as the public becomes more informed about healthy eating.

Read Dr Susan Jebb’s blogpost: A wake up call for businesses to evolve with the changing times.

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