HIV outpatient pathway updated guidance available

Further guidance is being published to support the implementation of the mandatory adult HIV outpatient and Payment by Results currency. This documentation replaces the previously published guidance.

  • HIV outpatient clinical care pathway: the developed HIV outpatient currency is a a clinically designed pathway for HIV adult patients (>18 years) divided into three groupings (newly diagnosed, stable, medically complex). This currency is supported by a clinical care pathway.
  • HIV currency general fact sheet: aims to provide a summary of the proposed year of care pathway for an adult HIV outpatient services Payment by Results currency. The aim of the pathway is to support the delivery of quality, safe and cost effective patient care aligning to BHIVA guidelines and maintaining the open access nature of sexual health services.

The Health Protection Agency have updated their website to provide current information regarding the HIV and AIDS Reporting System (HARS) dataset. Additional HARS data can be found on the Information Standards Board for Health and Social Care.


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Publication title: HIV outpatient pathway updated guidance

Document type: Publication

Publication description: HIV outpatient pathway updated guidance

Publication author: Department of Health

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DH Gateway number: 18731

Date of publication: 20 February, 2013

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