Henry Ashworth on New Year’s resolutions and the alcohol industry

Evidence suggests that New Year resolutions are more likely to be successful when people commit publicly to them.

In his first video-blog, Henry Ashworth, co-Chair of the Responsibility Deal Alcohol Network, talks about the resolutions being made by the industry and suggests how organisations who have not yet signed up can get involved.

For example, Henry encourages alcohol producers to get on board with the great momentum being made by the industry over the past year – putting essential health information on labels – the unit labelling pledge.  With the industry aiming for 80% compliance by the end of 2013, Henry reminds all businesses to check they’re on track to deliver ahead of the audit that will take place early in 2014.

He is also keen that businesses sign up to the unit reduction pledge – which has seen some ambitious initiatives from retailers, bars and clubs and restaurant managers introduced to help remove one billion units of alcohol from the market by 2015.  For example, the 30 new lower alcohol beers at 2.8%, the lower alcohol house wines being offered by restaurants, and the introduction of schooners (two thirds of a pint) in bars and clubs.

Henry is also keen that all employers think about whether they have an ‘alcohol in the workplace’ policy, and if not to take the necessary action.

The New Year is an ideal opportunity to publicly commit to the Responsibility Deal pledges – and is one of the best ways to show that you are serious about encouraging responsible drinking and are doing something about it.

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2 Responses to Henry Ashworth on New Year’s resolutions and the alcohol industry

  1. Patricia Miller says:

    I am curious as to why reduction of ‘units’ of alcohol have such prominence as healthy as that can be – when the investigation into why people consume excessive alcohol has not been made a primary issue for investigation. Addiction begins in small doses. Getting drunk as a focus of a night out – must carry a greater socially outcast penalty. Until the English society deems drunkenness to be as antisocial as racial verbal slurs – we are not going to improve.Remove the pleasure principal of community /public drunkenness.

  2. Geoffrey Godfrey says:

    Many years ago, one January I decided to go along to a Meditation class to see what all that was about. I must admit I was a typical red blooded male consuming decent amounts of Yorkshire bitter and the like. What was interesting was what happened next.

    As I began to attend these Yoga Meditation classes, I experienced my desire to – be drinking – diminish almost overnight, as if that part in me that was constantly thirsty was somehow quenched, by the process of awakening that took place within my being. Sounds grandiose, and sometimes at Christmas family members occasionally still present me with a litre bottle of whiskey as a seasonal gift, which I end up re-gifting back to them, to their delight, reminding them I haven’t drunk anything stronger the Tetley’s Tea, in over 20 plus years.

    So it was an interesting process, I still when in pubs, might have a beer, but nowadays there are more brands of Non-Alcoholic Beer on the market – which are quite enjoyable. It turns out it wasn’t the beer my body didn’t want, it was the alcohol. Of course we know now that if alcohol was discovered in the Science Lab today, they wouldn’t let it out. It would be put on a shelf – labelled – highly toxic to humans…..but what to do, we are where we are.

    Anyway, from my experience I sense that drinking alcohol, like so many other human activities, is an attempt to satiate an unfulfilled desire – for inner satisfaction, comfort, relaxation, security, you name it…..which may be, are states we may feel deficient in…and if we have a drink…somehow we might feel bolstered in some way, or we might feel inebriated enough to forget the feeling of emptiness or lacking that was bothering us in the first place and ultimately propelled us to have a little drink….after all, why not?

    Of course, I guess describing what happened to me, might best be explained along the lines, that the empty hole, dis-satisfaction, the vacuum within, became filled, satiated, resolved from within, by my spiritual body, (not the mental, emotional or physical one), getting waked-up, balanced and becoming a source of its own nourishment & gravitas, without the need to defer to having a drink or two to obtain the effect…..in fact quite the opposite, suddenly, the drink or too, revealed itself as the behaviour that was bringing me down, weighing me down, drowning my new found spiritual alertness and innate natural contentment.

    And who would have thought it? Anyway, if you want to have a go…..at the meditation that is, there are free classes all across the UK. It is Charity run thing, run by Volunteers… so you can try it out for FREE; They have a website showing classes in London, but I know they offer it everywhere across the UK: Check it out at: http://www.sahajayogalondon.co.uk

    Enjoy yourself!

    That I guess looking back, was a New Year Resolution which worked out in a unusual, highly life transforming way. I guess you never know whats round the next corner, or where you might take yourself.

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