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HM GOvernment e-petitions (PA Copyright)

What is it?

You can create an e-petition about anything that the government is responsible for and if it gets at least 100,000 signatures, it will be eligible for debate in the House of Commons.

Writing your petition

Sensible petitions will be looked at. Things to remember to include are:

  • what your petition is about
  • what action you want the government to take
  • how long the petition is active for

There are some things you can’t petition about, including:

Create and sign petitions online

The e-petitions site was relaunched on 29 July 2011. The new HM Government e-petitions system allows you to sign existing petitions or create a new one as long as it is not a duplication of an existing live e-petition.

Previous responses

Responses to e-petitions submitted to the previous administration can be viewed on the HMG e-petitions responses page.