Low Carbon Vehicles

Low Carbon Vehicles

The Low Carbon Vehicles Innovation Platform aims to maximise the benefit to UK-based businesses of the rapidly-developing low carbon vehicles market, and to help accelerate the adoption of low carbon vehicles in the UK.

The growing pressure from customers and regulators for more environmentally friendly vehicles is creating new business opportunities for both the established industry and innovative new entrants.

The Low Carbon Vehicles Innovation Platform invests jointly with the industry and other funders in interventions that promote UK-based R&D in low carbon vehicle technologies, and strengthen the relevant supply chains within the UK.

The Technology Strategy Board launched the Low Carbon Vehicles Innovation Platform in September 2007 and activity is expected to continue for 5-10 years.

The priorities

To identify the innovation platform's priorities the Technology Strategy Board reviewed published roadmaps and held a number of stakeholder consultations. These priorities continue to be guided by an industry-led steering group.

The Integrated Delivery Programme

The Low Carbon Vehicles Integrated Delivery Programme is a key tool that the innovation platform will use to achieve its goals over the coming 5 years. The programme has about £250m of joint government and industry investment, and co-ordinates the UK's low carbon vehicle activity from initial strategic academic research through to industry-led CR&D. Find out more.

The Ultra Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator

In 2009 a competition was launched to create a large-scale ultra low carbon vehicle demonstration programme. Co-funded by the Technology Strategy Board with DfT, AWM, ONE and the South East of England Development Agency, it involved investment of aropund £25m. Demonstration programmes are being run by eight consortia around the country, including several of the major car manufacturers as well as universities, local authorities and power companies, resulting in around 340 vehicles taking part in extended trials on the roads. The aim: to showcase new and emerging low carbon vehicle technologies in real world situations, and to identify potential barriers to their wider adoption. The demonstrators include in-vehicle data logging, user perception surveys, and consideration of the required local infrastructures.

Stop Press: Initial findings from the first three months of data across all the vehicles in the trial have now been published.

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