International programmes

International programmes

In a century of globalization, many of the greatest business opportunities will be international.  Successful UK companies must take into account the global picture.  Increasingly global trends and technical developments affect the competitiveness of UK businesses.

Newly, and rapidly developing economies are both a threat to the UK economy, and a huge market opportunity.  The most successful UK businesses and innovations are those with a global, rather than a local market.

To support UK business in Europe the Technology Strategy Board is responsible for a national helpline 0300 321 4357 which is the first point of contact for any enquiries about European activity.  The Technology Strategy Board provides a set of National Contact Points that offer:

  • Guidance on choosing thematic priorities and instruments
  • Advice on administrative procedures and contractual issues

The Technology Strategy Board is directly responsible for eleven National Contact Points. These are listed below with links to each NCP:

More information and detail can be found by following the links above.

For general queries about EU R&D Calls please contact

A full list of the UK National Contact Points is at

The Technology Strategy Board supports the Eurostars Initiative - The Eurostars Programme is the first European funding and support programme to be specifically dedicated to SMEs. Eurostars is open to all sectors for funding applications on a continuous basis until 2013; there are two calls a year closing in March and in September.  More information can be found at

Other activity in European Research and Development is shown in the column on the left of this page.

International activities are a developing area for the Technology Strategy Board.  We are currently looking at:

  • integrating international thinking into all of our activities.  In particular strengthening the international role of the Knowledge Transfer Networks and looking at providing support for international Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.
  • supporting innovative international initiatives. We are actively considering new ways of internationalising UK innovation, for example collaborative projects involving governments, researchers and multi-national businesses from more than one country together addressing combined larger markets or global challenges.
  • helping businesses to access global research resources by ensuring that UK businesses have the latest knowledge about research and creativity taking place abroad.
  • benchmarking performance. We will benchmark both the performance of the UK against other countries and also benchmark the Technology Strategy Board against other similar organisations globally to assess performance and to share best practice.
  • promoting the UK innovation message globally. Working with our international partners, including UKTI, the British Council, British embassies abroad, and the European Commission to enhance international understanding of the UK's innovative capacity and potential and to promote the UK as a global innovation centre of excellence.
  • helping to build UK capability. Working with partners to ensure that as much as possible of global research is located within the UK, focusing on our core intellectual and commercial strengths. The stronger the UK's reputation for academic-business partnership, the more research resources will flow into the UK. Our strength is already evidenced by the very high share of UK research funded from abroad.

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