Knowledge Transfer Networks

What are Knowledge Transfer Networks?

Knowledge transfer is critical to enable UK businesses to compete successfully at the forefront of global technology and innovation. Knowledge Transfer Networks (KTNs) are one of the Technology Strategy Board’s key tools for doing this – facilitating the UK’s innovation communities to connect, collaborate and find out about new opportunities in key research and technology sectors.  

As a single overarching national network in a specific field of technology or business application, a KTN brings people together to stimulate innovation – from businesses of any size, research organisations, universities, and technology organisations, to government, finance and policy. There are 15 KTNs and all 15 KTNs collaborate to form a ‘network of networks’.

   _connect online

The heart of the KTN community is _connect at – an online networking platform. This is where ‘open innovation’ happens and innovators use free, online tools in a secure and confidential setting to explore some of the challenging projects and issues they face together. In addition to the KTNs, you can find a wide range of networking and collaboration groups. You can join _connect here. []

Benefits to business

KTN's aim to deliver the following benefits:

  • Improving business performance through innovation and new collaborations by driving the flow of people, knowledge and experience between business and the science-base, between businesses and across sectors
  • Driving knowledge transfer between the supply and demand sides of technology-enabled markets through a high quality, easy to use service
  • Facilitating innovation and knowledge transfer by providing UK businesses with the opportunity to meet and network with individuals and organisations, in the UK and internationally
  • Providing a forum for a coherent business voice to inform government of its technology needs and about issues, such as regulation, which are enhancing or inhibiting innovation in the UK

Benefits of joining a KTN

  • Networking - frequent opportunities to network with other businesses and academics through targeted events, meetings and Special Interest Groups organised by the KTN
  • Information and news - free access to on-line services such as reports, newsletters, webinars/e-training, events diaries, e-conferencing and collaboration tools and general sector/application specific information
  • Funding opportunities - advice on Technology Strategy Board Collaborative R& D calls, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and other sources of funding for innovation
  • Policy and regulation - a communications route between their community, Government and EU, giving members the opportunity to influence policies and regulation in the UK and abroad.

 Our priorities

We have been growing the membership of _connect, with over 50,000 members now participating in the KTNs and special interest groups which it hosts. New ‘ConnectMe’ functionality has recently been developed on _connect to match people with similar innovation and technology interests.

In 2012/13 we will continue to develop our _connect platform with the aim of building on our growing membership base.

Who is eligible?

Any individual or business interested in networking with other organisations can join the _connect  network and become a member of one of the KTNs.

How do I find out more information or join?

Visit _connect to join our Knowledge Transfer Networks and other special interest groups -

The KTNs in the portfolio are:

Aerospace, Aviation and Defence
Chemistry Innovation
Creative Industries
Electronics, Sensors, Photonics
Energy Generation and Supply
Environmental Sustainability
Financial Services
HealthTech and Medicines
Industrial Mathematics
Modern Built Environment

Go to _connect - the KTN platform.

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