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Welcome to _connect. This new platform, brought to you by the Technology Strategy Board, provides an effective and powerful way for you to collaborate online, network and share knowledge with other innovators.

Welcome to _connect

_connect is a place where open innovation happens, where you can work together securely, share information and knowledge. Utilise the online tools to work collaboratively or discuss your ideas and find events to meet with others from your community.


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Sat Feb 02 00:00:00 GMT 2013
ICT - Parties join forces to agree common standards for European smart grids - Sat Feb 02 21:32:05 GMT 2013

Last week’s European Conference on Smart Grid Standardization Achievements was an opportunity for organisations tasked with the job to...

ICT - Wayra first global call for start ups attracts over 3,400 applications - Sat Feb 02 11:31:13 GMT 2013

A resounding success, the first global call from Telefonica’s start up accelerator, Wayra, received 3,444 applications from entrepreneurs in...

Fri Feb 01 00:00:00 GMT 2013
Energy Generation and Supply - 13th Annual APGTF Workshop: 'Carbon Capture & Storage – a Showcase of UK Research and Development' - Fri Feb 01 17:14:40 GMT 2013

Wednesday 20th & Thursday 21st February 2013

2012 has seen a number of key initiatives and activities move forward in the research and...

Biosciences - £8.75M funding available in the new SAF-IP ‘Measurement technologies for agri-food systems' competition - Fri Feb 01 16:58:39 GMT 2013

Open date: 18 March 2013 | Submission deadline: 01 May 2013

The Technology Strategy Board together with the Department for Environment, Food and...

Electronics, Sensors, Photonics - Home Sweet Home - Fri Feb 01 16:06:06 GMT 2013

Not only an aphorism but the title of workshop run by the Habinteg Housing Association on the use of ICT to support independent living. Habinteg...

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