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21 Dec 1999 FSA/PN/136/1999 Endowments : The FSAs conclusions and actions
21 Dec 1999 FSA/PN/137/1999 Board of Banking Supervision
20 Dec 1999 FSA/PN/135/1999 The FSA consults on listing authority role and announces senoir appointment
17 Dec 1999 FSA/PN/133/1999 Pensions review phase 2: Possible amendment to regulatory guidance
17 Dec 1999 FSA/PN/134/1999 Financial Services Authority: Communications over the millennium date change
16 Dec 1999 FSA/PN/132/1999 The FSA announces plans for enforcing the new perimeter
16 Dec 1999 FSA/PN/131/1999 High income products: Make sure you understand the risks
13 Dec 1999 FSA/PN/130/1999 The Euro- Sterling value for insurance purposes
09 Dec 1999 FSA/PN/129/1999 The FSA announces depositors to be repaid in case against unauthorised firm
09 Dec 1999 FSA/PN/128/1999 Joint release by the Securities and Futures Authority and the Financial Services Authority on: the increase in share trading volumes
08 Dec 1999 FSA/PN/127/1999 The FSA hosts seminar on future UK Listing Authority role
02 Dec 1999 FSA/PN/126/1999 The FSA forecasts a flexible future for financial regulation
02 Dec 1999 FSA/PN/125/1999 The FSA consults on firms senior management responsibilities
02 Dec 1999 FSA/PN/124/1999 Howard Davies calls on the industry to co-operate with the FSA to improve consumer understanding of financial services
30 Nov 1999 FSA/PN/123/1999 Financial services industry supports
29 Nov 1999 FSA/PN/122/1999 The FSA hosts international regulators seminar
23 Nov 1999 FSA/PN/121/1999 The FSA welcomes European Commission Review of Capital Adequacy rules
22 Nov 1999 FSA/PN/120/1999 The FSA sets out an industry wide commitment to training
19 Nov 1999 FSA/PN/119/1999 Financial services well prepared for the millennium
16 Nov 1999 FSA/PN/118/1999 The FSA to develop practical regulation for credit unions
15 Nov 1999 FSA/PN/117/1999 The FSA reviews profitability and competition in banking industry
15 Nov 1999 FSA/PN/116/1999 The FSA presents Year 2000 conference
08 Nov 1999 FSA/PN/115/1999 The Banking Act 1987
04 Nov 1999 FSA/PN/114/1999 The FSA secures repayment Of US$14.1m to depositors in case against Nottingham accounting firm
04 Nov 1999 FSA/PN/113/1999 The FSA consults on approach to setting prudential standards
03 Nov 1999 FSA/PN/112/1999 Endowment mortgages The FSA warns public not to make hasty decisions
01 Nov 1999 FSA/PN/111/1999 Pensions review: Rates of return
28 Oct 1999 FSA/PN/110/1999 The FSA consults on the future regulation of professional firms
27 Oct 1999 FSA/PN/109/1999 The FSA encourages firms to participate in Basel Consultation
21 Oct 1999 FSA/PN/108/1999 Insurance Companies Act 1982: Issue and withdrawal of authorisation
20 Oct 1999 FSA/PN/107/1999 Financial services industry well prepared for business as usual
19 Oct 1999 FSA/PN/106/1999 Financial Services Authority warning on day trading
18 Oct 1999 FSA/PN/103/1999 The FSA publishes cost benefit analaysis on regulation of mortgage advice
18 Oct 1999 FSA/PN/104/1999 The FSA obtains injunction against company to restrain unauthorised investment business
18 Oct 1999 FSA/PN/105/1999 Provisional Liquidators appointed to derivatives traders
15 Oct 1999 FSA/PN/102/1999 The FSA reminds firms to guard against money laundering
14 Oct 1999 FSA/PN/100/1999 The FSA consults on the permission regime
12 Oct 1999 FSA/PN/099/1999 The FSA publishes response paper on Principles for Businesses
11 Oct 1999 FSA/PN/098/1999 Continuing improvement in Year 2000 readiness in the financial sector
06 Oct 1999 FSA/PN/097/1999 The FSA announces progress on single authorisation process
06 Oct 1999 FSA/PN/096/1999 The Banking Act 1987
04 Oct 1999 FSA/PN/095/1999 FSA launches consultation on league tables for consumers
28 Sep 1999 FSA/PN/094/1999 Howard Davies outlines FSA strategy for e-regulation
27 Sep 1999 FSA/PN/092/1999 HRH The Duke of Kent visits the FSA
27 Sep 1999 FSA/PN/093/1999 FSA publishes policy statement on guidance and waivers
20 Sep 1999 FSA/PN/091/1999 Joint chairmen for FSA Small Business Practitioner Panel
20 Sep 1999 FSA/PN/089/1999 Don't be fobbed off --- financial watchdog tells consumers
16 Sep 1999 FSA/PN/090/1999 The Financial Services Authority publishes Occasional Paper:
15 Sep 1999 FSA/PN/088/1999 The FSA consults further on regulation of individuals
08 Sep 1999 FSA/PN/087/1999 The FSA hosts meeting with Islamic financial community leaders
03 Sep 1999 FSA/PN/086/1999 AIFA launch conference - Speech by Howard Davies
26 Aug 1999 FSA/PN/084/1999 Endowment Mortgages what to do if you are worried
23 Aug 1999 FSA/PN/083/1999 The FSA warns consumers to be alert to telephone scam
23 Aug 1999 FSA/PN/082/1999 The FSA launches an Industry Training Workshop for small IFA firms
17 Aug 1999 FSA/PN/081/1999 Towards the millennium - The FSA and the Year 2000
16 Aug 1999 FSA/PN/080/1999 The FSA and PIA consult on proposals to review special categories of FSAVC business
06 Aug 1999 FSA/PN/079/1999 The FSA announces the formation of the Training Advisory Panel
06 Aug 1999 FSA/PN/078/1999 The Banking Act 1987
03 Aug 1999 FSA/PN/077/1999 The FSA announces June 2002 target date for completion of Phase 2 of pensions review
30 Jul 1999 FSA/PN/075/1999 The FSA launches consultation on regulation of individuals
30 Jul 1999 FSA/PN/076/1999 Pensions review: Rates of return and demographic assumptions
29 Jul 1999 FSA/PN/074/1999 The FSA introduces an Optional Compliance Test for Phase 2 transfer cases
22 Jul 1999 FSA/PN/072/1999 The FSA publishes proposals for enforcing the perimeter
22 Jul 1999 FSA/PN/073/1999 Financial Services and Year 2000: No high impact reds
19 Jul 1999 FSA/PN/071/1999 Insurance Companies Act 1982: Issue and withdrawal of authorisation
12 Jul 1999 FSA/PN/067/1999 The FSA's free guides to safer pension choices
12 Jul 1999 FSA/PN/068/1999 The FSA launches new guides to safer pension choices
12 Jul 1999 FSA/PN/070/1999 The FSA announces views on off-shore centres
12 Jul 1999 FSA/PN/069/1999 Financial services and Year 2000: Further improvement
09 Jul 1999 FSA/PN/066/1999 FESCO consultation paper on regulated markets
07 Jul 1999 FSA/PN/065/1999 The Banking Act 1987
06 Jul 1999 FSA/PN/064/1999 The FSA publishes Annual Report for 1998/99
05 Jul 1999 FSA/PN/063/1999 The FSA announces an update on enforcement
30 Jun 1999 FSA/PN/062/1999 The FSA publishes response paper on future regulation of Lloyd's
28 Jun 1999 FSA/PN/061/1999 The FSA engages Scottish community
25 Jun 1999 FSA/PN/060/1999 Financial Services: Further improvement on Year 2000
23 Jun 1999 FSA/PN/059/1999 The FSA outlines proposals for regulation of inter-professional business
21 Jun 1999 FSA/PN/058/1999 The FSA presents Year 2000 conference
17 Jun 1999 FSA/PN/057/1999 Introduction of the Financial Services and Markets Bill
09 Jun 1999 FSA/PN/055/1999 The FSA looks to the future at the 1999 PIMS conference
09 Jun 1999 FSA/PN/056/1999 The FSA consults further on compensation arrangements
07 Jun 1999 FSA/PN/054/1999 The Banking Act 1987
03 Jun 1999 FSA/PN/053/1999 The FSA welcomes Basel Consultative Paper
28 May 1999 FSA/PN/052/1999 The FSA obtains High Court worldwide freezing injunction
26 May 1999 FSA/PN/051/1999 The FSA announces its Consumer Education programme
25 May 1999 FSA/PN/050/1999 The FSA appoints PIA head of department, Investment Business division
24 May 1999 FSA/PN/049/1999 Calculation method for pension transfers to remain unchanged
18 May 1999 FSA/PN/048/1999 FSA publishes occasional paper:
17 May 1999 FSA/PN/047/1999 FSA's league tables project gets into gear
13 May 1999 FSA/PN/045/1999 The FSA obtains High Court undertaking freezing traders assets worldwide
13 May 1999 FSA/PN/046/1999 The FSA announces change to the section 171 list: ECHO
07 May 1999 FSA/PN/044/1999 The Banking Act 1987
30 Apr 1999 FSA/PN/043/1999 Pensions review: Rates of return
29 Apr 1999 FSA/PN/041/1999 The FSA launches internet access to register of authorised firms
28 Apr 1999 FSA/PN/042/1999 Insurance Companies Act 1982: Issue and withdrawal of authorisation
26 Apr 1999 FSA/PN/040/1999 The FSA obtains 1.5 million order against 'flagrantly and persistently dishonest' unauthorised trader
21 Apr 1999 FSA/PN/039/1999 Financial services:
20 Apr 1999 FSA/PN/038/1999 The Financial Services Authority publishes first Occasional Paper
19 Apr 1999 FSA/PN/037/1999 The FSA announces views on regulation in Europe
19 Apr 1999 FSA/PN/036/1999 FSA to host Global Investment Management Compliance conference
16 Apr 1999 FSA/PN/035/1999 The FSA releases complaints commissioner review of Owen complaint
11 Apr 1999 FSA/PN/034/1999 The Banking Act 1987
07 Apr 1999 FSA/PN/033/1999 FSA and PIA research concludes direct mailing is engaging phase 2 investors
01 Apr 1999 FSA/PN/032/1999 Release final reminder to mis-sold consumers yet to respond
30 Mar 1999 FSA/PN/031/1999 The FSA warns buyers to look before they leap
29 Mar 1999 FSA/PN/030/1999 FSA press release small businesses are given a voice at the FSA
24 Mar 1999 FSA/PN/029/1999 The FSA and PIA consult on compliance testing for phase 2 transfer cases
18 Mar 1999 FSA/PN/028/1999 Chief financial services Ombudsman to be appointed
17 Mar 1999 FSA/PN/027/1999 The FSA obtains injunctions under the Financial Services Act and the Banking Act
17 Mar 1999 FSA/PN/026/1999 Most top UK finance groups on target for Year 2000 compliance
15 Mar 1999 FSA/PN/025/1999 Are you ready, willing and organised ?
12 Mar 1999 FSA/PN/024/1999 Financial services and Year 2000 problem: Conference update
11 Mar 1999 FSA/PN/023/1999 The Banking Act 1987
03 Mar 1999 FSA/PN/022/1999 Huge demand for FSA Pensions Helpline
02 Mar 1999 FSA/PN/021/1999 FSAs successful Town Meeting comes to York on budget day
25 Feb 1999 FSA/PN/020/1999 Speech by Mr Howard Davies at the Biennial Dinner of the Institute of Chartered Bankers
22 Feb 1999 FSA/PN/019/1999 FSA announces new Ombudsman scheme board
11 Feb 1999 FSA/PN/018/1999 The Banking Act 1987
10 Feb 1999 FSA/PN/017/1999 The FSA comes to Edinburgh
10 Feb 1999 FSA/PN/016/1999 The FSA and PIA consult on simplification of loss and redress calculations for phase 2 transfer cases
04 Feb 1999 FSA/PN/015/1999 Insurance Companies ACT 1982: Issue and withdrawal of authorsation
03 Feb 1999 FSA/PN/014/1999 FSA plan and budget for 1999/2000:
01 Feb 1999 FSA/PN/011/1999 The FSA welcomes new arrangements for European co-operation
01 Feb 1999 FSA/PN/010/1999 Pensions review: Rates of return
01 Feb 1999 FSA/PN/012/1999 FSA publishes a range of free information booklets for consumers
01 Feb 1999 FSA/PN/013/1999 FSA Town Meetings a huge success
26 Jan 1999 FSA/PN/009/1999 The FSA permits single pricing of unit trusts
22 Jan 1999 FSA/PN/008/1999 The FSA announces further training programmes to assist regulated firms in the financial services industry
21 Jan 1999 FSA/PN/006/1999 The Financial Services Authority and SROs publish ISA rules
21 Jan 1999 FSA/PN/007/1999 Financial services:
15 Jan 1999 FSA/PN/005/1999 Bristol is first choice for the FSA Town Meeting launch
14 Jan 1999 FSA/PN/004/1999 FSA issues guaranteed annuity guidance
13 Jan 1999 FSA/PN/003/1999 International regulatory co-operation: Anglo-Japanese supervisory meeting
11 Jan 1999 FSA/PN/002/1999 The Banking Act 1987
05 Jan 1999 FSA/PN/001/1999 FSA launches publicity campaign to ask consumers were you mis-sold?
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