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  • 18 July 1956: Marie-Therese Kouao born in Bonoua, the Ivory Coast.

  • 31 October 1972: Carl Manning born.

  • 2 November 1991: Adjo Victoria Climbié born near Abidjan, the Ivory Coast

  • 24 December 1991: Anna Kouao born in the Ivory Coast. It was her identity that was transferred to Victoria in order to get the latter into France on a false passport.

  • Autumn 1998: Kouao brings Victoria to Paris from the Ivory Coast.

  • 24 April 1999: Kouao and Victoria travel to London from Paris on a British Midland flight.

  • 10 June 1999: Kouao meets bus driver Carl Manning for the first time as a passenger on his bus. Kouao later says they had met before in France, which Manning denies.

  • Early July 1999: Kouao and Victoria move into Manning's flat in Tottenham, north London.

  • 14 July 1999: Victoria taken to the Barnaby Bear ward at the Central Middlesex hospital by Avril Cameron, the daughter of Victoria's childminder Priscilla Cameron, with suspected non-accidental injuries. She was later diagnosed as having scabies.

  • 15 July 1999: Victoria released from hospital back into the care of Kouao.

  • 24 July 1999: Victoria taken into North Middlesex hospital accident and emergency department with scalding to her head and face. Staff suspect she has suffered non-accidental injuries.

  • 6 August 1999: Victoria discharged from North Middlesex hospital and collected by Kouao.

  • October 1999-January 2000: Victoria placed in the bath at Manning's flat every night, as stated by Manning in the criminal trial into Victoria's death.

  • 1 November 1999: Kouao claims Victoria has been sexually abused by Manning. She reports this to Haringey social services, then retracts the allegation the next day.

  • 24 February 2000: Victoria is admitted to casualty at North Middlesex hospital, then moved to St Mary's hospital, Paddington, west London.

  • 25 February 2000: Victoria declared dead at 3.15pm in the intensive care unit at St Mary's, with 128 separate injuries to her body.

  • January 2001: Kouao and Manning convicted of murder and child cruelty. Both sentenced to life imprisonment.

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