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Major Projects

The 2010 Spending Review set out plans for around £80 billion of savings in public expenditure. To achieve these, the Government will need to effect a step-change in spending control.

On the one hand, this means strengthening arrangements for scrutiny and control of spending, both within departments and by the Treasury.

On the other hand, it means focusing this enhanced scrutiny where it is most valuable. In line with these objectives, the Treasury has strengthened its project approval processes.

Alongside this, the Coalition's Programme for Governent makes a clear commitment to achieving better value for money for public spending.  This includes a strong will to improve the success and delivery of Major Projects.

In line with this aim, the Major Projects Authority (MPA) has been established within the Cabinet Office’s Efficiency and Reform Group (ERG), with the aim of improving the performance of Government’s largest projects.

This joint guidance document outlines how the Treasury will work in partnership with the MPA and ensure that Treasury approvals are integrated with project assurance processes.

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