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22 November 2010

View a slideshow of the data behind the Spending Challenge announcement

Government announces spending plans – find out what it means for you and view the document in full

The Chancellor, George Osborne, presented the Government’s Spending Review on 20 October 2010, which fixes spending budgets for each Government department up to 2014-15.

The Spending Review comes at a time when the State is spending significantly more money than it raises in taxation, and is having to meet the gap – called the deficit – by borrowing at record levels.

Last year, the Government borrowed one pound in every four that it spent; and the interest payments on the nation’s public debt each year are more than the Government spends on schools in England.

Reforming public services

The Spending Review set a clear direction for reform, focused on shifting power away from central government to the local level.  The Government will announce further details of its reform programme in a White Paper in early 2011.

You are invited to contribute your views to help inform the development of the Government’s reform proposals. 

The Spending Review announcement

The scale of the deficit has required the Government to make tough choices in the Spending Review about how taxpayers’ money is allocated

The Government has prioritised its Spending Review decisions to support growth, fairness and public sector reform. Find out more about the action being taken:

Our interactive map shows the impact of the Spending Review and action being taken in your region to build an economy that works.

The Spending Review document in full

You can view the whole Spending Review document in both easy-to-read and standard PDF versions:

Spending Review day video

Our cameras followed the Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander on Spending Review day

About the Spending Review

Our introductory guide tells you all you need to know about how the Spending Review process works, while our A-Z of terms explains phrases you may see or hear.

Find out how the Spending Challenge has taken account of your ideas in the Spending Review.

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