Forensic Science Advisory Council

Find out why the Forensic Science Advisory Council was established and how it supports The Regulator.

The Regulator is advised by the Forensic Science Advisory Council (FSAC). Membership of the council is drawn from a wide range of relevant organisations and provides the regulator with a broad wealth of skills and experience to call upon.

Purpose of the Forensic Science Advisory Council

Chaired by The Regulator, the role of the Forensic Science Advisory Council (FSAC) is to advise and support The Regulator across a wide range of issues relevant to quality standards in forensic science. The FSAC will consider, and advise on many issues, including:

  • setting, and monitoring compliance with quality standards in the provision of forensic science services
  • arrangements for the accreditation of those supplying forensic science services to the police, including in-house police services
  • procedures for validating and approving new technologies and applications in the field of forensic science
  • setting and monitoring compliance with standards relating to national forensic science databases, including the National DNA Database
  • the quality of academic and educational courses in forensic science
  • international developments relevant to forensic science quality standards
  • assisting the Regulator in responding to requests for advice from Home Office Ministers and others.

Read the full copy of the FSAC Terms of Reference.

Notes from meetings of the Forensic Science Advisory Council

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