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The centre for applied science and technology is made up of scientists and engineers who develop technological solutions to fight crime.

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About the Centre for Applied Science and Technology

The Home Office Scientific Development Branch has changed its name to the Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST).

We have undergone a comprehensive organisational change programme to become more streamlined and agile.
This change was based on feedback from our partners and will enable us to focus on delivering more of what matters most faster. We will still maintain the high quality of science and technology advice, innovation and support that we have provided in the past. 
We will remain a core part of the Home Office supporting ministers, policy formulation and frontline operations, and operating where others cannot for reasons of impartiality, national security or market failure.

As part of the change we have drawn our expertise together into capability areas:

  • contraband detection (illicit material includes people/stowaways, money, drugs, explosives, weapons and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear material)
  • crime investigation
  • crime prevention and community safety
  • identity assurance
  • protective security
  • public order
  • surveillance

Each area will have a capability adviser who will help shape policy and operational plans where science and technology have a role to play, and being clear where they do not.

Read the Introduction to the Centre for Applied Science and Technology.

Working with industry and academia

Our engagement with academia and industry develops their capabilities to find cost effective solutions to meet the needs of the Home Office and its frontline agencies. This means we only work in areas that cannot be done by others for reasons of impartiality, national security or market failure.

Contact us

If you know who you want to speak to call 01727 865051. If you are not sure call our information service on 01727 816400 or email CAST so we can put you in touch with the right person in CAST.  We are based at two sites in the UK; Sandridge in Hertfordshire - directions and maps to Sandridge, and Langhurst in West Sussex - directions and maps to Langhurst.

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