Case studies

Recent cases where DNA evidence was used.

Case study one

On the 15 September 2011 Tobias Bruce burgled a property in Cranham Street, Jericho, Oxford. He was disturbed by the home owner after gaining access through a un-secured door. Tobias Bruce dropped an IPad and mobile phone when he was chased by the home owner. Police were able to obtain a DNA sample from the mobile phone keypad which was found to match a sample belonging to Tobias Bruce.

On the 29 November 2011 Tobias Bruce burgled a property in Blackthorn Close, Headington, Oxford. He stole a laptop computer. Tobias Bruce's fingerprints were discovered on a window at the property. In February 2012 Tobias Bruce was found guilty of both burglaries; he also asked for a further six house burglaries to be taken into consideration. He was sentenced to 21 months imprisonment.

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Case study two

Stephen Cole broken into a building site on the Ellingham industrial estate, Ashford. He scaled an eight foot fence carrying a petrol can and a hose pipe intending to siphon fuel. After spotting CCTV equipment he decided to steal the computer hard drive on which he believed the CCTV footage to be held. He fled the scene with the computer hard drive and £100 in cash.

However, he left the hose pipe behind. Police investigating the break in found the hose pipe and were able to recover a DNA profile which matched with Stephen Cole's DNA sample held on the National DNA Database. In March 2012 Stephen Cole was found guilty and was given an 18 month community order.

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Case study three

Anthony Gunter and an accomplice broken into a property in Scarborough Road, Walsall. The pair removed a rear window to gain access. The resident, an elderly lady, was in the property at the time. The pair escaped with £50. Police investigating discovered blood by the window and were able to recover a DNA sample which produced a match to Anthony Gunter. In March 2012 Anthony Gunter was found guilty and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.

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Case study four

On Tuesday 6th March 2012 Michael Shaun Bailey burgled Blackburn Cathedral. Michael Shaun Bailey confessed to the burglary after Police had arrested him in connection with two thefts from motor vehicles due to a DNA match recovered from blood found at the crime scenes. Michael Shaun Bailey pleaded guilty to burglary at the cathedral with intent to steal and two charges of theft from vehicle. Michael Shaun Bailey was sentenced to 12 weeks imprisonment. 

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Case study five

On 15th December 2011 Mark James Hunt broke into a property in Easingdon Colliery. During the burglary Mark James Hunt stole a television and cinema system, Play Station and a number of children's Christmas presents worth £200. When the resident returned there were signs of drawers having been searched and amid items scattered round a bedroom floor was a phone that did not belong to any of the residents.

Mark James Hunt was later arrested when it emerged that some of the missing items were at his home. Police were able to recover a DNA sample from the phone found at the burgled property and this sample was found to be a match to Mark James Hunt. In March 2012 Mark James Hunt plead guilty to burglary and was sentenced to two years and nine months imprisonment. 

Find out more on the Northern Echo website.

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