Immigration policy

Information and updates about the UK’s immigration policy.

Latest updates about policy changes, and accompanying impact assessments and equality impact assessments are available below.

The UK Border Agency is responsible for putting immigration policy into action through its operational activities, such as making decisions on visa applications. It does this through the Immigration rules which it maintains and uses to create guidance for applicants and its staff.

Latest on this topic

  • Changes to Immigration Rules - statement of policy
    This statement of policy explains the changes that will apply to Tier 1 entrepreneurs and investors, Tier 2 skilled workers, Tier 4 students, Tier 5 youth mobility and temporary workers and those seeking settlement in the UK.
    Published 22 November 2012
  • Accession of Croatia to the EU
    Statement of intent and impact assessment on transitional restrictions to the UK labour market for Croatian nationals from July 2013.
    Published 18 October 2012
  • Tuberculosis testing
    Technical instructions for practitioners, a policy equality statement and a review of pre-entry TB screening activity are now available.
    Published 10 September 2012
  • Changes affecting Tier 2
    Information on changes to Tier 2, the route for non-EEA workers with an offer of a skilled job in the UK.
    Published 4 April 2012

Machine readable travel documents and biometric residence permits security

These two documents deal with chipped travel and identity products and the PKI technology that enables data to be authenticated.

Further information

The Immigration rules, statements of changes to the rules and explanatory memoranda for those changes are available on the UK Border Agency website.

Immigration policy and law information from before July 2011 is available on the UK Border Agency website.

Passport, visa and immigration applications

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