Research and Statistics

Low-income homeowners in Britain: descriptive analysis

Research Report No. 251

By Pamela Meadows and Daniel Rogger

This report is based on findings from secondary analysis of a range of datasets, including the Family Resources Survey (2002/03 and 1995/96), the British Household Panel Study 1991-2002), the Families and Children Study (1999 and 2002), the Survey of English Housing (2002/03) and the English House Condition Survey 2001).

The study aimed to establish the characteristics and circumstancesof low-income homeowners. It also examined the reasons why people become, or cease to be low-income homeowners. This study followed up research by Burrows and Wilcox (2000) that found around half the poor are homeowners.

The research was carried out by the National Institute for Economic and Social Research.

June 2005 91 pages 297x210mm

ISBN 1 84123 827 9