Protect is the workstream of the counter-terrorism strategy that aims to strengthen our protection against terrorist attacks in the UK or against our interests overseas, and so reduce vulnerability.

Objectives of Protect

From 2011-2015 our Protect objectives will be to:

  • strengthen UK border security
  • reduce the vulnerability of the transport network
  • increase the resilience of the UK’s infrastructure
  • improve protective security for crowded places

Security and travel bans authority to carry scheme 2012

The government has given commitments, in the Strategic Defence and Security Review, 'to make changes to pre-departure checks to identify better people who pose a terrorist threat and prevent them flying to or from the UK' and, in CONTEST, to 'use secondary legislation to deny airlines authority to carry to the UK foreign national passengers included on our no fly list'.

Our border control systems, such as the visa regime and e-Borders, allow us to check passengers against our watchlists in advance of their arrival in the UK. We have introduced a pre-departure checks scheme to build on these through the introduction of the security and travel bans authority to carry scheme 2012.

Under this scheme:

  • airlines will be denied authority to carry specified foreign nationals to the UK
  • there will be a process for directions to be given under the Aviation Security Act 1982 to prevent boarding of British nationals and residents who may pose a direct threat to aircraft
  • there will be alerts from the National Border Targeting Centre (NBTC) to ports police to deny boarding to individuals who pose a terrorist threat travelling outbound from the UK

Read the security and travel bans authority to carry scheme 2012.

Crowded places

One of the Protect objectives is to improve protective security for crowded places. Better protective security will help reduce our vulnerabilities to terrorist attack. This in turn will help reduce the impact of an attack if it should take place, not only in terms of reduced fatalities and casualties but also in terms of helping businesses recover more quickly.

Guidance and advice on the design and planning of public spaces and the built environment is now available.

Further information

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