Before changing policy we publish consultation papers and invite people to comment. View the latest consultations here.

Respond to a current consultation

Please note that consultations are listed by closing date.

Other government consultations

We may sometimes list other government consultations that relate to Home Office areas of business, but are not run by the Home Office.

About  consultations

Consultations outline proposals on a particular issue and ask for responses and comments from people and organisations with specialist knowledge in that area, and from the general public.

The responses we receive help us to ensure that any proposed changes to the law or policies have a real, practical impact.

Please note each consultation contains instructions on how you can respond. These instructions are usually found at the end of the document, but before any appendix pages.

Closed consultations

You can read Home Office consultations that closed after 7 May 2010 on our
closed consultation page.
Consultations that closed prior to 7 May 2010 are available on the National Archives website

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