Alcohol and drugs

How we're working to solve the problem.

The Home Office is working hard to deal with the serious problems caused by illegal drug use. It is also the government department responsible for alcohol policy and licensing.

Latest on this topic

  • Review of the Drinkaware Trust
    Drinkaware - the independent alcohol education charity - is conducting an audit and review. You are invited to contribute by 31 January 2013.
    Published 16 January 2013
  • Amended guidance for the late night levy
    Paragraph 1.49, concerning reductions to the levy, now reflects the legislation more accurately. No other changes have been made.
    Published 14 December 2012
  • Alcohol consultation launched
    As part of the wider reforms to tackle irresponsible drinking, the Home Office announces a consultation on a range of measures to cut crime, save lives and reduce alcohol consumption
    Published 28 November 2012
  • Alcohol strategy consultation
    Have your say on measures set out in the government's alcohol strategy to tackle harmful and irresponsible drinking.
    Published 28 November 2012