As a large organisation the Home Office buys a number of products and services from suppliers.

If you have a query then please email us or telephone 01633 811600. 

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Outlines the department's plans to meet the government's committment to allow SMEs and the voluntary sector to compete more fairly for governmental contracts.

Small and medium-sized enterprises can email queries to us at or telephone 01633 811 600.

What we do

Our procurement professionals take the lead on:
  • tendering new contracts
  • commercial negotiations
  • contract management
  • guidance
  • governance
  • policy
  • strategic sourcing
  • eCommerce solutions

Transactional procurement services

On 01 October 2012 the Home Office Procurement Centre of Excellence (PCoE) transferred from the Home Office and moved into Government Procurement Service (GPS), an Executive Agency of the Cabinet Office. This structural change enhances GPS's service, enabling it to offer an end-to-end transactional procurement service. The move is a significant step in the delivery of both the procurement and civil service reform programmes. It supports the drive to increase spend through centralised deals and will help streamline procurement resource across government to improve efficiency.

Supplier charter

Working jointly with HM Revenue & Customs, we have created a draft supplier charter. This is designed to embed sustainable procurement within our procurement practices and will provide a clear focus for our activities in this area for the future. It also provides guidance to our suppliers and other organisations who are seeking to develop their approaches to sustainable procurement.

Contact us

If you have any procurement-related questions or would like further information on any aspect of the work we do please feel free to contact us directly by emailing the commercial directorate.

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