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Evaluation of Your Health, Your Care, Your Say

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    Department of Health
  • Published date:
    23 August 2006
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The Your Health, Your Care, Your Say initiative (YHYCYS) for the Department of Health created one of the largest and most ambitious public engagement exercises ever mounted in the UK. The aims were complex and ambitious: to ensure that the public (especially the 'seldom heard') were actively involved in deliberative debates on contentious issues including ' trading off ' public investment in different types of health and social care services, alongside creating a high public profile to encourage wide public involvement (including through open access questionnaires) and professional stakeholder involvement.

This report summarises the results of an evaluation study which examines the whole process but which focuses on the 'listening exercise' - the local, regional and national deliberative events that enabled members of the public to discuss a range of topics (based on information provided and a carefully structured process). The evaluation study aimed to come to conclusions about the extent to which the methodology chosen and the delivery of YHYCYS met the objectives set, and draw out learning for future public engagement activity.

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