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Drug misuse and dependence: UK guidelines on clinical management

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    Department of Health (England), the Scottish Government, Welsh Assembly Government and Northern Ireland Executive
  • Published date:
    28 September 2007
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This document updates and replaces the 1999 clinical guidelines. It has the same status across the UK as the 1999 clinical guidelines.

The 2007 clinical guidelines provide guidance on the treatment of drug misuse in the UK. They are based on current evidence and professional consensus on how to provide drug treatment for the majority of patients, in most instances.

The 2007 clinical guidelines do not provide rigid protocols on how clinicians must provide drug treatment for all drug misusers. Neither does this guidance override the individual responsibility of clinicians to make appropriate decisions in the circumstances of the individual patient, in consultation with the patient (and guardians and carers if appropriate). In instances where clinicians operate outside the framework of this guidance, they should be able to demonstrate the rationale for their decisions.

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