Professor Kevin Anderson, Tyndall Centre for Climate Research

"It was a little nerve-wracking before going, and it took a lot of planning. But in retrospect it was really easy," beams Professor Kevin Anderson talking about his recent train trip from his home in Broadbottom near Manchester to an international climate change conference in China.

"And, it was the most productive time of my career," he adds.

Getting the train to China is just one way Professor Anderson is putting his climate research into action. He believes that there is now little hope of avoiding a rise in temperatures of less than 2°C. However, he does think there is much that individuals, companies and governments can do to mitigate this outcome and prepare for a low-carbon future.

In the 60-minute talk below he outlines the reasons why a 4°C rise is more likely and what can be done about it, with the help of his presentation entitled Climate Change: Going Beyond Dangerous. DFID's director general of policy and global issues Michael Anderson (no relation!) introduces the talk. Simply press play on the screen below or click the title to download it from Slideshare.

You can also listen to a 19 minute Q&A with Professor Anderson here.


About Professor Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson is professor of energy and climate change at the University of Manchester. He is well known for his pioneering climate change research.

Prof Anderson leads Tyndall Manchester’s energy and climate change research programme and is deputy director of theTyndall Centre, the UK's leading academic climate change research organisation.

He is active in the field of research and his work has been published by the Royal Society, Nature magazine, Energy Policy, the Independent and the BBC. He engages widely across all tiers of government on climate issues.

Prof Anderson's research interests range from understanding the implications of rising emissions to analysing opportunities for rapid decarbonisation of the UK’s energy system. He has set forward ideas on quantifying the role of the aviation and shipping industries in a low-carbon society and the reality of rapidly escalating emissions.

His work puts forth the view that there is now little to no chance of maintaining the rise in global mean surface temperature at below 2°C, despite repeated high-level statements to the contrary.

Moreover, Kevin’s research demonstrates how avoiding even a 4°C rise demands a radical reframing of both the climate change agenda and the economic characterisation of contemporary society.

Kevin has a decade’s industrial experience, principally in the petrochemical industry. He sits as commissioner on the Welsh Government’s climate change commission and is a director of Greenstone Carbon Management - a London-based company providing emission-related advice to private and public sector organisations.

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