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Moving beyond sponsorship: Interactive toolkit for joint working between the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry

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  • Author:
    Department of Health /Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries (ABPI)
  • Published date:
    27 August 2010
  • Publication format:
    Electronic only
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  • Copyright holder:
    Crown and ABPI

The NHS and pharmaceutical industry share a common agenda to improve patient care outcomes through high quality and cost effective treatment and management. Their common agenda is therefore to improve patient outcomes through joint working to ensure that patients get optimal care, with support to help them maximise the benefits of treatment. To enable NHS organisations and the pharmaceutical industry to work together in the interests of patients, the Ministerial Industry Strategy Group recommended that the Department would develop an interactive toolkit to support this way of working.

The purpose of this toolkit is to:

  • encourage NHS organisations and staff to consider joint working as a realistic option for the delivery of high-quality healthcare and a way to drive efficiency in the delivery of services in both primary and secondary care
  • provide the necessary information and have easy access to the tools which will help to enter into joint working.

The initial version of the toolkit was published in March 2008. Following feedback from users, the toolkit has been updated to include some new templates as well as more examples of good practice for reference. This toolkit should be used in conjunction with the document “Best practice guidance for joint working between the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry”.

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