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House of Commons Health Committee Patient and Public Involvement in the NHS: Third Report of Session 2006–07 Volume I Report, HC 278-I Published on 20 April 2007

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    Legislation/parliamentary/local government
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    Department of Health
  • Published date:
    20 April 2007
  • Primary audience:
    Health and social care professionals
  • Alternative title:
    Health Select Committee Inquiry into Patient and Public Involvement in the NHS
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    10 021503354X
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    Not required
  • Series number:
    HC 278-I
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On the 2nd November 2006, the Health Select Committee announced that it would undertake an inquiry into Patient and Public Involvement in the NHS. The agreed terms of reference for this inquiry was:

• What is the purpose of patient and public involvement?
• What form of public and patient involvement is desirable, practical and offers good value for money?
• Why are existing systems for patient and public involvement being reformed after only 3 years?

The terms of reference also looked at how a LINks should be designed and how should LINKs relate to and avoid overlap with local authority structures (including overview and scrutiny committees), Foundation Trust boards and members councils, Inspectorates (including the Healthcare Commission) and formal and informal complaints procedures.

The Committee also asked in what circumstances should wider public consultation (including under Section 11 of the Health and Social Care Act 2001) be carried out and what form should this take?

The Health Select Committee’s conclusions and recommendations were published in their final report on 20th April 2007.

The Department of Health provided a written submission prior to giving oral evidence to the Committee. This can also be found towards the end of the Committee’s report The Government published its response to the Health Select Committee’s report on 11th June 2007.

This report examined the purpose of patient and public involvement. Also looked at what form it should take  and questioned why existing systems for patient and public involvement were being reformed after only 3 years. In addition looked at how Local Involvement Networks (LINks) should be designed.

House of Commons Health Committee

The Health Committee is appointed by the House of Commons to examine the expenditure, administration and policy of the Department of Health and its associated bodies. Its constitution and powers are set out in House of Commons Standing Order No.152.

The Committee has a maximum of eleven members, of whom the quorum for any formal proceedings is three. The members of the Committee are appointed by the House and unless discharged remain on the Committee until the next dissolution of Parliament.

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