Calorie reduction pledge delivery plans published

Following the announcement of the Calorie Reduction pledge on 24 March , the Department has now published the delivery plans from the early signatories.

In addition to the 17 companies that signed up at the start, a number of other companies have now also made commitments, including United Biscuits and Aldi, and their plans have also been published.

Recognising that the Call to Action on Obesity in England set out the importance of action on obesity, and issued a challenge to the population to reduce its total calorie consumption by 5 billion calories (kcal) a day, companies signing up to the pledge commit to:

“support and enable our customers to eat and drink fewer calories through actions such as product / menu reformulation, reviewing portion sizes, education and information, and actions to shift the marketing mix towards lower calorie options.”  

Signatories have also committed to monitor and report on their actions on an annual basis.

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