A7. Community actions to Tackle Alcohol Harms

“In local communities we will provide support for schemes appropriate for local areas that wish to use them to address issues around social and health harms, and will act together to improve joined up working between such schemes operating in local areas as:

  • Best Bar None and Pubwatch, which set standards for on-trade premises
  • Purple Flag which make awards to safe, consumer friendly areas
  • Community Alcohol Partnerships, which currently support local partnership working to address issues such as under-age sales and alcohol related crime, are to be extended to work with health and education partners in local Government
  • Business Improvement Districts, which can improve the local commercial environment”

The following provides background and supporting information to help organisations understand what this pledge sets out to achieve and how, by becoming a Responsibility Deal partner, you can help deliver this pledge.

What this pledge sets out to achieve, and why this is important

This pledge commits a Responsibility Deal partner to participate in and support the activities of local alcohol partnership schemes along with other alcohol producers, retailers, local authorities, the police, health providers, licensing authorities and other traders.

Depending on the goals of each local partnership project, this pledge could lead to a reduction in problems such as under-age sales and alcohol-related public disorder, and improve the attractiveness of the areas in which these schemes operate.

It is vital that local communities have the powers they need to tackle alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour, whilst promoting local business and ensuring that those that drink responsibly are not unduly penalised.

In areas where schemes promote responsible management and operation of alcohol-licensed premises, there have been improvements in the local economy and a reduction in alcohol related crime and disorder in town centres. This is achieved through building positive relationships between the licensed trade, police and local authorities.

The schemes also reduce the harmful effects of binge drinking and improve the knowledge and skills of enforcement and regulation officers, as well as licensees and bar staff to help them responsibly manage their premises.

Benefits to public health

We would expect to see a reduction in alcohol related crime and public disorder, as well as a reduction in alcohol related attendances at A&E in those areas where schemes become established.

The benefit to employers and employees

Being part of a recognised local scheme can help businesses improve their relationships with local authorities, the police, health providers, licensing authorities, as well as other traders.

Participating in a scheme and operating more responsibly can improve the profitability of businesses, as well as contribute to improving the attractiveness of the local area.  There is also an opportunity for business to share good practice and their achievements with others.

Responsible businesses may also receive local recognition and positive media coverage about their activities.

Being part of a scheme and adhering to its principles may also help businesses avoid falling foul of enforcement authorities by ensuring that staff are well trained and best practice is followed.

How you can deliver this pledge

There are a number of local alcohol partnerships in existence and businesses are also welcome to approach their local authority with their own proposals for working together.

Further information on some of the schemes already in operation can be found below:
Best Bar None
National Pubwatch
Purple Flag
Community Alcohol Partnership
National BIDs Advisory Service

Your pledge delivery plan

Shortly after signing up, partners will be asked to provide pledge delivery plans, laying out how they intend to meet each of the pledges they have signed up to.  They will have up to 500 words to describe their plans for each pledge they are signed up to.  All delivery plans will be published on this website.

Reporting progress on your pledge

Partners will be asked to report on their progress by the end of April each year.  For some pledges, partners will be asked to report using pre-defined quantitative measures, while for others they will be asked for a narrative update.  Further information on the reporting arrangements for each pledge is available.  All annual updates will be published on this website.

We are currently developing a web-based system that will allow partners to complete their delivery plans and annual updates online from 2013.

Partners signed up to this pledge.

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